DMG Federal simplifies the process

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs, and our contract vehicles benefit you in a number of ways:

Easy to do business with us

Receive pre-negotitated rates

Acquisition activity is streamlined

Dedicated resource to manage projects

Acquisition decisions are complicated matters. Several departments may be involved, with different points of view and multiple opinions on the best solutions.   At DMG, we assist our clients throughout the entire acquisition process from the initial need to project completion. Our experts can help you identify the specific solutions that will accomplish your goals most efficiently. We have sought and been awarded multiple contract vehicles, so we can serve your varied needs. We’ve also aligned our offerings with other companies to extend the goods and services we can provide.

Current Vehicles

Choose a contract vehicle from the list below to learn more, including the vehicle’s term, who can use the vehicle, what kinds of goods and services it covers, and the relevant codes.


Team with DMG Federal. Partnerships are the solution.

As a small business in the federal sector, DMG Federal knows about the many benefits of partnerships. Small companies are agile and highly focused on a few strategic areas, but often lack the scale required for Government enterprise-wide services and solution delivery.

At DMG Federal, we’re interested in extending our portfolio and adding new business team members. We’re also committed to bringing value into every business partnership. Our extensive experience in IT, business intelligence, and data management makes us a strong strategic partner for many different companies. With a solid infrastructure and firm commitment to our core values– Integrity, Excellence, Quality, and Value—we have a lot to offer as a strategic partner for federal teaming.

Teaming with companies that possess complementary strengths provides multiple benefits for small, mid-size, and large companies. Consolidation regulations, varied needs, and the natural desire of organizations to simplify their acquisition processes lead to a preference for a scheduled provider who can meet a broad range of needs and manage an extensive array of activities. Teaming makes that happen.

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